My Wife Wants a New 7 passenger SUV

The purpose of being alive remains unknown to many human beings. To accomplish life, marriage is a necessity. As a man, having a wife is both joyous and ironic at the same time as it can be disgusting, expensive and tiresome. I have been living with my wife Jenny in Northern Carolina for the past six years.


We have had a decent and happy life with our two kids; Brandon and Ashley. I don’t know what got into her thoughts and senses lately. As we were taking a walk in the park, she told me that she was feeling uncomfortable riding her Peugeot 3008 ( that I bought her on her 30th birthday. From what came out of her throat, do not dare imagine what she told me. “Sweet hear, I need a 7 passenger For SUV.” For more details go to this website:

What the hell? That was the first question that rocked my brains. Who in the world will have to count $31,660 for a car of such variety? Estimating my bank account with the cost of the car, oh no. That couldn’t be.

Frankly, the car is amazing, comfortable and has a high horse power and speed. It can accommodate more people compared to the other Ford cars and it looks stylish. I figured out that was the reason as to why she badly needed it. To escape the whole reality and make her change her mind, I had to apply a different trick and tactic. “Honey, I want us to travel to Africa. Imagine the amazing view of the Amazon chimpanzees and gorillas, the giraffes, the huge lions and the feeling of the Victoria falls breeze.”

I had never planned for that but with the issue at hand, I had to say or do anything to make her agree with me and shift her thoughts. To my amazement, that is how we found ourselves in Africa a week later yet the problem wasn’t solved. After the tour, back to Norhern Carolina, this is what came, “Sweet heart, I enjoyed being in Africa. Will you buy me the SUV (Ford Explorer) you had promised?.”

Who promised? I ran out of words and actions.

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