Canada Maple Syrup Festivals 2014 Maplefests and Maple harvest events in Canada

Maple Syrup, maple taffy in the snow, pancakes with maple syrup are all maple syrup festival activities in February, March and April 2014 in Canada. Kids and families the maple sap (spring tonic) boiling into maple syrup.  Enjoy trips to pancake barns and tours of the Maple sugar bush. British Columbia Maple Syrup Festivals, Ontario Maple Syrup Festivals, Quebec Maple Syrup Festivals, New Brunswick Maple Syrup Festivals, Nova Scotia Maple Syrup Festivals,

Maple Syrup Festivals

The Maple Syrup Song-Pete Seeger

First you get the buckets ready, clean the pans and gather firewood, Late in the winter, it’s maple syrup time. You need warm and sunny days but still a cold and freezing nighttime For just a few weeks, maple syrup time. We boil and boil and boil and boil it all day long, Till ninety sev’n percent of water evaporates just like this song And when what is left is syrupy don’t leave it too long – Watch out for burning! Maple syrup time.

Find the next set of lyrics to this historic maple melody.

Ontario Canada

  • Maple Syrup Festivals Ontario Canada
    Maple Syrup Ontario production is mostly north of Toronto in the larger sugar bush lots in Ontario resort destinations.  Many communities celebrate  with fun family maple syrup festivals starting in late February-early March though until the end of April. Check Maple Syrup Festivals North of Toronto, Greater Toronto Area, Southwestern Ontario,  and the Niagara Falls area.
  • Tourism Burlington Maple Syrup Festival
    Bronte Creek Conservation Area, Oakville
    Weekends in March and March Break School Holiday
    March 1-2, 8-15, & 22-23. 2014

    Guidedtours, fresh Maple Sugar,Victorian Portraits, Maple Taffy, House tours, and hot pancake breakfasts.

Maple Towne
Mounstberg Conservation Area, Campbellville
March 1-April 6, 2014
Explore the Sugar Bush, take in a maple candy making session, or travel on a horse-drawn wagon ride.

Sweet Water Season
Crawford Lake Conservation Area, Milton
March 1-April 6, 2014

Taffy on Snow and Maple Syrup tastings.Explore the 15th century Iroquoian Village and reconstructed Longhouses.

Quebec-Sugaring off

  • Quebec Sucre de Cabane, or Le Festival du Sucre d’ErableIf your French language skills need a polish, you can test your accent with a little maple syrup on your breath. If you are in Quebec your French will improve quickly.Here are a couple of possible getaway package options for your Quebec Maple experience. In Mont Tremblant, the Pimbina Gite B&B has a maple package getaway  and in Drummondville Quebec there is the Sugar Shack Package Getaway,  See more than 200 maple syrup venues at Les Cabanes.  The Quebec Maple Syrup producers can be found at Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ)
  • Quebec has a special Festival Beauceron de l’Érable from March 16-24, 2013 in Saint-Georges, Québec (QC).Celebrating maple syrup and the world’s largest producer of the popular nectar, the Festival Beauceron de l’Érable is one of the premier maple syrup festivals in Québec. Started in 1990 the Festival Beauceron de l’Érable attracts more than 50,000 each year to enjoy a wide range of activities including music, sports, cultural events, fine cuisine, family and school activities featuring maple products.
  • In the Province of Quebec maple syrup harvest is called sugaring off.

Nova Scotia Maple Festivals

    • Nova Scotia Maple Festivals are a great way for people to celebrate one of Nova Scotia most treasured and romantic foods, pure maple syrup. Maple festivals are held throughout the Province and are a fantastic event for families and groups. Delicious food, good friends and a sweet treat. Many producers open their operations up in conjunction with the festivals to offer the public a hands on experience on how this wonderful product is made.


  • Maple syrup season is upon us
    Chatham Daily News
    Maple syrup is a truly Canadian product, as we produce 70% of the total world’s supply. Quebec produces nearly 90% of this, Ontario 10%, while Nova Scotia …

New Brunswick Sugar Camps

  • Third Largest Producer in the World.  Springtime in New Brunswick is maple syrup time. As the days grow warmer and the maple trees convert their stored starch to sugar, the sweet sap starts to flow and syrup producers across the province head to the sugar bush for the sweetest harvest in the forest.
  • Maple Capital of Atlantic Canada Festival
    Saint-Quentin:  New Brunswick:  The festival takes place during the sugar season, on Easter weekend.
    Among the maple products featured, you will find syrup products, and a maple products exhibition and sale. Meals featuring maple products are a highlight of the festival.
  • Maple Sugar Bush visits are popular in New Brunswick During Maple Sap harvest time. There is a festival put on by the Maple Syrup Producers

British Columbia

  • Bigleaf Maple Syrup Festival Saturday February 1 2014
    Duncan, B.C.
    10:00 am – 4:30 pm
    Taste maple syrup from Vancouver Island at the Bigleaf Maple Syrup Festival located at the BC Forest Discovery Centre–a 100-acre, open air museum with an operational railway in Duncan, British Columbia.